Thailand – Other Adventures

While the main goal of the CSC deployment was the work assignment, that didn’t mean we weren’t able to enjoy our time in the country. This post will primarily cover the other stuff we did, not included in the Week posts and also will be about my trip to Bangkok.

Japanese Elevators

One of the coolest things that I learnt while on this trip was not work related. Our friends from Japan, Ryusuke and Shuhei showed us this elevator trick in the first week of our time in Thailand. This only works in Japanese elevators, but this should become a world wide standard. I mean, it’s so simple yet … so beautiful.

I tried it out on the elevators at the office when I came back, forgetting the little detail about it needing to be a Japanese brand elevator. Needless to say, there were some people making extra stops on floors. Woops!

Korean BBQ + Meeting Another Canadian

  • Throughout the time in Phuket, some of my Canadian English was… poked at. Which is a bit odd, as we’re known as the most easily understood English speakers in the world, but that clearly doesn’t apply to some of our country specific words. I made the mistake of mentioning Banana Peppers once, which turned in to a whole discussion and eventually led to a new nickname for… well.. you know… right? A few other things came up, like how my french sounded like “an american speaking it” that one kinda hurt, but no troubles I know my spoken french is kind of broken. I was called out of course on about, saying Eh a few times and the usual. But the Banana Peppers thing kept sticking around. It wasnt until we went to a Korean BBQ shop that we happened to run in to another Canadian guy. He was from Calgary. THe first thing I asked him was ‘do you know what Banana Peppers are’ and he confirmed he did. I wasnt crazy anymore! Well… maybe all Canadians are but it felt pretty damn good to get that confirmation. It was quite random to meet another Canadian out here but it was nice. wholesale nhl jerseys Little did I know I’d run in to a couple others while in Bangkok.

You Are What You Wear Series

I came to Thailand with one of my favourite shirts. I’ve had this one for a few years now and depending on how long the hair is (and humidity) it becomes more accurate.

you are what you wear

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One of the great parts of the trip was the availability of some cool clothes. Within a few days at the local Expo clothes market, I came across this beauty

Continuing the you are what you wear series ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š

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The clothes here was pretty well priced, especially considering I was getting most of it from the local markets and not at the shopping mall or branded clothes. A few days later, we checked out a local night market Na Ka Market, which was absolutely amazing. I try to find these local markets in any country I travel to, as its a good local flavour of the country. This was like no market I’ve experienced before. Sure it was a night market, but it was bloody hot. At one point, we stopped to get a drink when i caught a couple shirts from the corner of my eye. The 2 below specimens were purchased immediately.

Continuing on the clothing topic, Thailand is known for its cheap tailoring. So once we arrived I began looking around at some possible custom suit tailoring options. We were recommended Magnifique Tailorย as they were the highest rated in Phuket. The only issue with them was their location. They were in Patong, while we were situated in Phuket. It’s only 13km away you may think, but traffic and the roads make it a 1 hour drive, each way. A group of 4 of us decided to go check this place out and it was quite the experience. I wanted to get a 3 piece suit in grey, as that would mean I have the 3 main colours (black, navy already acquired). I had done some custom suit shopping back in Ottawa, so was already a bit familiar with the process. You still never get used to when that measuring tape straddles your crotch. We picked out materials, I went with 100% wool, a nice dark grey and for the liner went with a purple with black dots. This same liner was applied to the back of the vest and the underside of the pocket flaps. The process was quite involved, as we had around 4 or 5 fittings until they were ready. It went fairly smooth for myself, but a couple hiccups for others in the group. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos in the new suit yet, nfl jerseys cheap china

Where Have I Been?

For the 3 people who probably check the site for updates, you may be curious why its been so quiet on here since I did my Week 1 post. Week 2-4 definitely happened and I have some content already written up on it, but its been a long, exhausting trip.

I’m sitting in my hotel in Bangkok, enjoy a 2 day visit here before going back to Phuket for 1 night, thenย finally starting my journey back to Ottawa.

I definitely have a bunch of photos to go through, some blog posts to finish up and I’ll get to that once I’m back home in Ottawa.

In a few sentences this CSC trip has been one of the best experiences of my life so far. I met a lot of great people, wholesale nhl jerseys worked on an exciting project that our sponsors ended up loving our action plan. I’d be lying if I said it was easy, there were many challenges, including the people, sometimes the food and of course myself. I’m excited to get home, sleep in my bed, catch up with friends, video games and TV and most importantly, see my family.

Til we meet again!